Aslan Magic Production presents "The Magic of Michael Aslan," and is happy to bring to you new theme shows perfect for fairs, festivals, malls, corporate picnics and other special events.

No stage???   No problem!!!  "The Magic of Michael Aslan" is completely self contained with our own show trailer.  It is the perfect stage show for all outdoor and, in some cases, indoor events (such as Malls).  We carry all our own sound equipment, backdrops and everything else we need, taking the pressure off you and making your job easier.
All of our theme shows are filled with comedy, magic, audience participation and lots of fun.  
They include:


The "Big Band Era" show with Michael Aslan in his trademark zoot suit doing a fast paced show that is perfect for all audiences and ranges from small night club shows to shows with larger illusions.  This show is perfect for banquet or corporate shows.


The "Renaissance Medicine Show" theme with Aslan portraying the Physician to the Courts of Europe, extolling his mystical magical elixir that's "guaranteed to fix anything that ails ye!"  interacting with the audience for lots of magic, comedy and fun.


And last but not least, "Dr. A's Medicine Show," giving the audience a chance to see the miracles of "DR. A's MAGIC ELIXIR for whatever ails you."  No phony medicines are sold, only demonstrated to show silly things like losing weight with just a sip.  This is the perfect show for fairs and festivals.


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